Opposition critical of shipbuilding cost blowout by Australian Government, see: http://www

Opposition critical of shipbuilding cost blowout by Australian Government, see: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-01/antarctic-industry-calls-on-government/6358972

Opposition members to build shipyard, see: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-29/the-federal-government-and-the-automotive-industry-have-made-no-roads-to-a-dec???? ???????ision-in-the-anti-shipyard-case-2014-08-06/6364539

Opposition: A shipyard that has been built without proper public consultation needs to be stopped. See: h???????ttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-15/the-anti-shipyard-case-2014-08-17/6365263

Opposition has been accused of blocking construction of shipyard on its own, see: ???http://www.independent.ie/business/news/scotland/sailors-group-opposes-all-searches-in-shipyard-as-government-pushes-bearer-ship-shipwreck-recovery-rebuild-at-minister-tory-house/24493540.html

Opposition: Shipyard was built without proper consultation and this need to take the decision on its own. See: http://www.independent.ie/business/news/scotland/shipyard-built-without-consultation-no-one-can-step-in-shipwreck-recovery-rebuild-at-minister-tory-house-7000079.html

Opposition: The Australian government has failed to take action in the Anti-Shipyard Case and is wasting government’s money in an attempt to hide its costs. See: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-29/antarctic-industry-lobbied-the-government-to-stop-shipyard-building-in-anti-shipyard-case-2013-06-28/6391038

Opposition to the Anti-Shipyard Case, see: http://www.independent.ie/business/news/scotland/anti-shipyard-claims-the-anti-shipyard-case-will-allo

Inglis cleared of broken jaw and other injuries

Inglis cleared of broken jawSM ??? and other injuries

Garcia said that after Garcia’s arrest, the officers used batons to get him to move. Then Garcia was arrested in a wooded area behind the station. Garcia told investigators that officers asked him if he knew who was driving a stolen car in the area before dragging him off.

Garcia was put in handcuffs, and, under threat of being thrown into jail, the officers let him go, Garcia wrote. After going to police headquarters to tell them, Garcia reported back to his parents, who had asked him to stop.

Garcia said he and several other officers tried to find an area where Garcia would be safe from other police cars. They found what appeared to be a car just about on the other side of the station. Garcia and his friends saw the car pulled up.

Officers approached the car and the driver got out, Garcia wrote, and told them he didn’t have a license.

“I didn’t know any of this. I was not even talking to them,” Garcia said he told officers. “The police would never do this to a normal person like me.”

He said one of the officers started asking him “where I lived.”

Then, police knocked him down and arrested him, Garcia said.

Another officer got Garcia away from the car and handcuffed him while Garcia sat in the back, Garcia wrote. Then the officers took him to the cell and he was “punched in the head several times,” Garcia said.

Garcia said the officer took him to the cells while he “could feel his eyes starting to water.” He was placed on a gurney in a holding cell and was then taken to a unit inside the station.

Garcia says he was put in restraints, blindfolded, put in the cell, and placed in a room with other pris007???oners. He described the conditions as “abusive,” and described having nothing to eat while in handcuffs.

An officer went into a room to take his cell phone. He told Garcia that the unit had a camera. G?????? ????arcia didn’t have it, so he called the police.

“When I reached the phone I saw all these police officers coming at me,” he said. “And we were in lock-down in these cells.”

The officer said, “You’ve got a knife.” The officer said, “I can throw it at you.” The officer grabbed Garcia’s wrist and said, “We’r